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The Detectomer® Buna!

Power Dynamics is pleased to announce that we are now filling orders for the Detectomer® Buna. Buna has been put through testing and has passed with flying colors. Detectomer® Buna available in many sizes, in stock and ready to ship! Detectomer® is a full line of metal detectable/x-ray inspectable elastomeric products. Click here to learn MORE
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Rubber Fab high pressure sanitary clamp


SANITARY CLAMPS FROM RUBBER FAB AVAILABLE IN ALL VARIETIES! Sanitary clamps are essential to any piping system. The clamp and the gasket hold the system together like glue. Rubber Fab offers a wide array of sanitary clamps. They have clamps for standard Tri-Clamp® gaskets as well as ported clamps for the Biological Indicator and Smart Gasket® and slotted clamps for Tabbed Orifice Plates. The Non Metallic Clamps are great for non metal to non metal connections. Click here to Learn More!
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