WR 650 GT

WR-650 chemical resistance up to 500°F!

Contact us today to learn more about the WR® 650 with superior dry run capability and near-universal chemical resistance up to 500°F!

WR® 650 is also an excellent material choice for chemically harsh environments. It’s almost universally chemically resistant to withstand applications where PEEK-based products are insufficient. Learn More!
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glass of water

NSF 61 Certification from Flexitallic

Power Dynamics now stocks Flexitallic 60 x 60 SF 6100 with the NSF 61 certification. SF6100 is an NSF-61 Certified sheet sealing material. The combination of aramid fibers and high quality nitrile binder allow for use in drinking water systems where NSF-61 compliance is required. Click Here to Learn More!  
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