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The most advanced Isolation gasket, just got even better. We are pleased to announce the next generation of isolation gaskets, EVOLUTION® is now available! Sizes range from ½” to 36” NPS (nominal pipe size), in addition EVOLUTION® is offered as a Full Face (Type E) gasket. EVOLUTION® which was launched a year ago, provides the best available technology for pipeline isolation, incorporating all of these benefits into one complete and robust package. So, what does EVOLUTION® provide? LEARN MORE
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Garlock GYLON® – in stock and ready to ship!

GYLON is an excellent product for multiple sealing solutions. Power Dynamics can accommodate large volume orders, expedited shipping within the USA. Designed for severe chemical service, GYLON gaskets are color-coded for easy identification and provide superior sealability to reduce process and media loss and fugitive emissions. They also reduce creep and cold flow characteristics. Three types of Garlock Gylon Power Dynamics is your one stop gasket shop – we have been stocking large quantities of gasketing supplies from the industry leading manufacturers for over 50 years! Power Dynamics, Built on Trust! Call 651-454-5504 to get a FREE custom quote.
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WR 650 GT

WR-650 chemical resistance up to 500°F!

Contact us today to learn more about the WR® 650 with superior dry run capability and near-universal chemical resistance up to 500°F!

WR® 650 is also an excellent material choice for chemically harsh environments. It’s almost universally chemically resistant to withstand applications where PEEK-based products are insufficient. Learn More!
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NSF 61 Certification from Flexitallic

Power Dynamics now stocks Flexitallic 60 x 60 SF 6100 with the NSF 61 certification. SF6100 is an NSF-61 Certified sheet sealing material. The combination of aramid fibers and high quality nitrile binder allow for use in drinking water systems where NSF-61 compliance is required. Click Here to Learn More!  
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metal v-band clamp

FOCUS: Sealing V-band Clamps

As we near year-end of 2020, this year has already proven to be one of the most challenging in many decades. To help make things more positive, our manufacturer MTI is releasing articles assisting in different seal points, and Power Dynamics has these items available to ship!

What is a “V-band clamp”?

V-band clamps are clamping mechanisms used in joining two cylindrical “pipes” together in place of a heavier, bolted joint. Also referred to as “Marmon joints”, these designs are most commonly used in diesel exhaust systems to connect pipe sections together. This design is particularly useful in this application because the DPF (diesel particulate filter), SCR (selective catalytic reduction), and other components need to be disassembled for occasional service. This design makes it easy to perform this maintenance using these types of joints.

How does it work?

The clamps provide loading to a flange when tightened around it. The “V” section provides increasing force up to its design load; however, overloading the clamp leads to stress damage and misalignment, and a general and permanent failure of the seal point. Flanges can be flat or angled, rough or machined, stainless or carbon, etc. In general, this clamp style joint provides less sealing stress than a bolted joint. Since the exhaust piping does not require a high-pressure seal, it is generally sufficient when designed and installed properly. In many applications, the component “fit” does not allow the joint to seal even when the clamp is used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The metal shim inserts used are insufficient to provide the initial seal of the joint system and leads to leakages and ultimately a catastrophic failure in the system. Our design and products provide a much wider tolerance range and corresponding success than the Marmon designed metal shims.

What do I seal it with?

Materials can vary by application, but generally these are for hot gas/exhaust joint applications. To handle the heat and low sealing loads, the Hi-Tex products are recommended due to their robust steel core and high temp facings. By working with OEM design teams, MTI has had successful results with both the HT 400 and HT 195 products in the OEM joints. Moreover, they have successfully used Metal Tech Industries engineered designs to replace the metal shim insert designs by others. This change alleviates a very large warranty costs and customer satisfaction issues for many applications. The HT 400 is designed for gaskets under elevated temperature conditions, while the HT 195 has excellent seal-ability under a variety of environments. In both cases, a stainless steel core is available if corrosion exposure is a concern. As with all designs, they should be tested and validated by the end user, and clamps should be installed per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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The Detectomer® Buna!

Power Dynamics is pleased to announce that we are now filling orders for the Detectomer® Buna. Buna has been put through testing and has passed with flying colors. Detectomer® Buna available in many sizes, in stock and ready to ship! Detectomer® is a full line of metal detectable/x-ray inspectable elastomeric products. Click here to learn MORE
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Rubber Fab high pressure sanitary clamp


SANITARY CLAMPS FROM RUBBER FAB AVAILABLE IN ALL VARIETIES! Sanitary clamps are essential to any piping system. The clamp and the gasket hold the system together like glue. Rubber Fab offers a wide array of sanitary clamps. They have clamps for standard Tri-Clamp® gaskets as well as ported clamps for the Biological Indicator and Smart Gasket® and slotted clamps for Tabbed Orifice Plates. The Non Metallic Clamps are great for non metal to non metal connections. Click here to Learn More!
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EVOLUTION® Isolation Gasket – The Future of Flange Isolation. Available Now!

EVOLUTION® is a patent pending product that is the first of its kind to be a fully encapsulated isolating gasket. The thinner, 1/8” (3mm) design minimizes the difficulties often encountered while attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets. The total encapsulation allows the gasket to be hydro-tested and kept in the pipeline with virtually no loss in isolation properties. This innovative gasket is coated using a GPT proprietary material designed specifically for the oil and gas industry that is extremely abrasion and impact resistant. The coating is also chemically resistant to attack from H₂S, steam, CO, CO₂, and other chemicals found in oil and gas pipelines. EVOLUTION® has passed API 6FB fire testing in multiple sizes and pressure classes and has a considerable increase in operating temperature over GRE products. Furthermore, EVOLUTION® does not have the permeation issues or chemical attack that plagues GRE gaskets. Under harsh conditions, gaskets made from GRE may be vulnerable to chemical attack, blowout, thermal attack, hydrolysis and emissions —all of which can have serious consequences. EVOLUTION® is different. Its revolutionary materials and design provides industry-leading resistance to leakage and flange corrosion, as well as unprecedented levels of fire safety. Unlike GRE gaskets, which are prone to delamination, EVOLUTION® has no laminations and as a result can better withstand high-pressure environments. Rated to 500°F (260°C)*, EVOLUTION® can also operate under high temperatures. Tested comprehensively for safety, the product has API 6FB, 3rd Edition Fire Test recognition. * When used with Mica sleeves and washers Patent Pending PCT/US2018/016011

Redefining the isolation gasket.

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Greene Tweed Channel Partnership

Power Dynamics, Inc. is pleased to announce its Channel Partnership with Greene Tweed, Corp. Greene Tweed are manufacturing experts with over 150 years of experience. Their products include thermoplastic composite components, electrical and fiber optic connectors and other engineered components. This collaboration gives PDI distribution access to Greene Tweeds proven suite of elastomers and thermoplastics throughout the upper Midwest (MN, WI, SD, ND, and MI). Geographical Contacts:
  • Wisconsin and Michigan – Mel Tuchowski
  • South and North Dakota –  Tom Chandler
  • Twin Cities and Southern Minnesota – Nic Steeber
  • Select Accounts within Minnesota – Kevin Larkin
  • Select National Accounts – Tom Chandler
Meet our team
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Kalrez® Tri-Clamp® Gaskets

Kalrez® is a sealing product for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing applications where FDA and Class VI compliance is required. Kalrez® Tri-Clamp® gaskets are designed to address thermal and chemical resistance, compression set issues and high static friction, which can cause intrusion in the process line. Learn More
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